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There was no Frenchman, and who's Canada?
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A dream that lasted a lifetime
Welcome to Maples and Roses! The one and only France/Canada livejournal community! We ship those two shamelessly, as it should be. Like what you see? Then pour yourself a glass of wine, break out the pancakes and syrup, and join us!
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Celaith [userpic]

Hello all!
I'm selling lots of Hetalia goods on eBay HERE !

Multiple purchases will enjoy combined shipping at a reduced rate, so bid on more to save more!!!


LB [userpic]

Hi everyone! This is just a head's up that the links for 3 doujinshi I'd previously uploaded in 2009 are now working again. You can download the doujinshi here and here.

If anyone is still having trouble accessing the files, just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Celaith [userpic]

Dear all,

I'm selling lots of Hetalia goods [[ HERE ]] !
Please feel free to come in to take a look! ^__^

Goods currently available include:
★ Nekotalia Mascot Plush Figures
★ One Coin Figures
★ Rubber Straps
★ Stick Posters
★ Special Coasters
★ & more!

Cel [userpic]

Do you like USUK, FRUK, AmeCan, UKCan, FrUS, Franada?

Do you like to write or draw?
Then the FACEXchange may be for you?

With the holiday rush coming up, we thought it would be fun to give a
little attention to the FACE characters, since there’s never enough
love between these characters, and what better time then Christmas/New
years? The purpose of this is to bring a little cheer to someone else,
and get a little in return, all focused on our favorite Hetalia Group!

Check our tumblr for details!!!

Still Naive, Not Photogenic [userpic]

Franada Index Update

Ahhahaha over a year later.

I'm really sorry.

It's not even a huge update, it seems the kink meme has died considerably. BUT, there you have it. There's a bunch of new-ish requests, and some smut and little bit in every rating.

If there's a broken link, or a wrong link, or you'd like to see something added, don't hesitate to tell me.

chirigirl13 [userpic]

Hi! I'm selling one Franada anthology, along with some other merchandise. Check out my sales post if interested!


Thank you! ^_^

Illucien [userpic]

Hetalia Sales Page
| illu_boutique

Hello! I'm selling this Franada Doujinshi for $10, click on the links to see samples inside, There is a tiny little bend on the top left corner but inside is perfect, shipping to USA:$10, Canada:$5, Everywhere else: $15, thanks!

always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style [userpic]

High School Sensation (part one) A Wit Of The Staircase mix.

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Flying Mint Bunny [userpic]

Hello everyone. I've come into a situation where I have something big coming up, but I am WAY short on money for it. I really, really need the money so I'm selling some awesome Hetalia doujinshi, including some really rare Franada and New Continent Family books by B*MPOC and Moke.


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Cœur [userpic]

Two France+Canada stories from a table challenge I'm almost done with and one that snuck in.

Title: L'histoire francaise: Goodbye
Author: coeurgryffondor
Rating: PG
Warnings: angst
Summary: Arthur will never love Matthew as much as Francis does.

Title: L'histoire francaise: Betrayal
Author: coeurgryffondor
Rating: PG
Warnings: unhappy France D: and French
Summary: From the corner Francis watches, discontent.

Title: Passport
Author: coeurgryffondor
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Francis had always loved Matthew the most, and so he had wanted to make his first trip to France one to remember.

ladyreena [userpic]

Title: Sharing a Breath
Characters: France/Canada
Summary: Francois didn't think Canada's winters would be so harsh, but who is he to not use the chance and get some extra love from his lover?
Notes: Written for ' 2011 gift-a-thon prompt #46.So this is like, SUPER LATE, but eventually it gone done nevertheless even though it's shorter than it should be. I am really,really sorry. *sigh*

There is a difference between not warm and cold and François knows it well.Collapse )

highboys [userpic]

Title A Nice Family Dinner
Characters: France/Canada, some America/Russia and FACE
Rating: T
Summary: Canada didn't think dinner would be too much of a problem.
Notes: Written for maplesandroses' 2011 gift-a-thon prompt #15.Super late fic is super late, haha.

So this isn't really faithful to the original prompt, but I really liked the idea of it, haha. Sorry for the inclusion of US/Russia rather than US/UK, anon!

( Is there anyone in this table you haven't slept with yet except for me? )

highboys [userpic]

Title: Play on (and on, and on, and on)
Series: Hetalia
Characters/pairing: France/Canada, America, Spain, Prussia, Hungary
Rating: T
Author's Note: Prompt #40: France and Canada get pulled into playing video games with America, but they're both bad at it. Bonus if Japan brings over an Otome game, which France is much better at. Took some liberties with characterization. This is so late and I'm not even finished with all my prompts, but. D: Have fun spotting the references!

( Some games they should have blamed Japan for. )

🌸ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ🌸 [userpic]

Title: Feline Franada Fluff
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: France/Canada
Summary: Franada cats sharing a cat bed.
Snuggly, cute Nekotalia fluff. Nothing above PG content, please.Collapse )

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hetaliafan [userpic]

Series: Hetalia
Character/pairing: France/Canada
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Franada Winter Exchange: 57. Kumajirou is a cockblock to France

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always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style [userpic]

Title: Taking A Tumble
Series: Hetalia
Character/pairing: France/Canada, mentions of America and Prussia's epic bromance.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1525
Author's Note: Franada Winter Exchange: 53. An exchange of love notes/confessions by electronic communication. Texts during meetings, Tumblr, Facebook, simple e-mail, anything you want.


private dick extraordinaire [userpic]

Sorry to keep you waiting on this, but it's time to claim your prompts!

A few things before we get to it:
We have approximately 68 prompts thanks, again, to one very dedicated prompter, so you will be able to claim two, and you will be able to claim your own prompt if you so wish to.

To claim something, use this format:

I am claiming the following prompt(s):
France and Canada having a pillow fight

I have claimed my prompt already to give you an example, so if you’re confused, just look at my comment! Once a prompt is claimed, I will put a strike through it and the name of the person who claimed it next to it. Now, this is important: Please don’t go out of your way to contact the person who has your prompt. I realize that you will know who picks up your prompts and that can be really exciting if it’s an author or fanartist you like/someone you know. But contacting the person, even just to say “hey! You got my prompt, how’s it going?” can make the filler feel a little nervous. So keep it a secret, please.

The posting period will start December 1st, 2011. You can post your work any time between then and January 9th 2012. I will talk about posting format when that date gets closer.

If something doesn't make sense, or there is a problem, please PM me or shoot me an e-mail at mellybelle09@gmail.com

Have at it!Collapse )

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Desert Butterfly [userpic]

Title: Liens
Author: d_butterfly
Characters/Pairing: France/Canada
Rating: T
Warnings: human names, hints at sexual intercourse, but nothing explicit
Summary: "No matter how hard he tried, and forced himself to think of his own – growing – business. It was pointless. He couldn’t get rid of it. He couldn’t get rid of Francis."

le ficCollapse )

private dick extraordinaire [userpic]

Hey, everyone! Just here to remind you all that you only have a few days left to submit your prompts for the Gift-a-Thon! Not a lot of people seem to be submitting, and this is no fun if we don't have a lot of prompts and variety, so please come by and submit!

Just go to this post and submit your prompts! Remember, prompting closes on November second.

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private dick extraordinaire [userpic]

This happened a little later than I would have liked, but it is happening. Is everyone excited? Good! Let’s get to it!

Baby it’s cold outsideCollapse )

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